Shukran Korea Unveils Halal-Check Platform for Korean Products

Shukran Korea Unveils Halal-Check Platform for Korean Products

THE WHAT?  Shukran Korea Inc., a Korean startup, has developed a platform that provides Halal and allergenic safety checks for Korean cosmetics and food products, targeting the Middle Eastern market.

THE DETAILS  The tool, named Halal Assurance Solution, offers product information, barcode scanning, and the ability to determine a product’s Halal status. It draws from a database that includes data on a multitude of cosmetics and food ingredients. Furthermore, the solution has been incorporated into a K-Cosmetics e-commerce site for user convenience.

THE WHY?  The global Halal market’s expected growth, combined with the Middle East’s interest in Korean cosmetics, indicates a demand for such verification tools. CEO Seung Kim highlighted the company’s aim to provide accurate product information to consumers. Shukran Korea Inc.’s tool is a response to this market need while also serving as a bridge between different cultures.

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