SK-II celebrates Chinese ‘leftover women’ in #ChangeDestiny viral campaign

SK-II celebrates Chinese ‘leftover women’ in #ChangeDestiny viral campaign

P&G-owned SK-II has launched a viral video campaign to celebrate the status of single women around the world. The video focuses on China, where unmarried women over the age of 25 are known as ‘leftover women’.

The video, part of the company’s #ChangeDestiny campaign aims to fight the stigma of being single and inspire women around the world, features several single women talking about their experiences of being single in China and the pressure on them to tie the knot.

The video ends with an alternative ‘marriage market’ – a popular way to find husbands in China, where each woman’s portrait carries a message of empowerment. To date, the video has garnered over 1.5 million views and received more than 12,400 likes.

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