Small-sized cosmetics increasingly popular among French consumers

Small-sized cosmetics increasingly popular among French consumers

Small-sized cosmetics products are becoming increasingly popular among consumers in France, according to a new study by US market research firm, The NPD Group.

The rising popularity of smaller-sized fragrance bottles, make-up kits and skin care products has been attributed to several key factors. Such items are easier to carry in a handbag and they are lower in price, meaning that consumers can try out new products without committing to a significant investment.  

The NPD Group noted that an increasing number of perfume brands, both classic and modern, are adopting smaller-sized packaging. In 2014, sales of feminine fragrances in 21-30 ml bottles registered a 1 posted increase in units when the overall market fell by 2 percent.

The situation is also mirrored in men’s fragrances. Unit sales of products sold in smaller packaging were up by 2 percent last year, while the overall market decreased by 5 percent.

Sales of makeup kits that allow customers to sample several products, were also up last year, according to The NPD Group report. For example, sales of 2-in-1 products increased by 59 percent.

An increasing number of consumers are also purchasing anti-ageing skincare products in smaller formats. The NPD Group notes that sales of anti-ageing skincare in formats of 30 ml and less grew by 9 percent, both in units and in value in, 2014.

Mathilde Lion, Beauty Expert Europe, commented, “Small size products allow to target different buyers, which are less loyal to brands and are looking for new products. This is a real lever for growth and the trend has been accelerating sharply in the first quarter 2015, with sales of women’s fragrances in bottles of 30 ml and less growing by 8% while the 31-44 ml male fragrances generated a 10% surplus of units sold compared to last year.”