Sniffing Out Gen Z: Austin Butler & The MYSLF Revolution

Sniffing Out Gen Z: Austin Butler & The MYSLF Revolution

THE WHAT? Austin Butler is the new global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty’s men’s fragrance, MYSLF. He acknowledged the brand’s history, mentioning Yves Saint Laurent’s first fragrance in 1964 and expressed appreciation for M. Saint Laurent’s rebellious spirit.

THE DETAILS MYSLF will first be available on YSL Beauty’s U.S. platform on Tuesday, with a wider release on Thursday. This follows the brand’s previous releases: “Y for Men,” La Nuit de L’Homme (2009), and L’Homme (2006).

THE WHY? Behind MYSLF, Stephan Bezy, the international general manager of Yves Saint Laurent Beauty at L’Oréal, stated that MYSLF aims to appeal to Gen Z. The generation’s experiences, including shifts in the perception of masculinity and the rise of gender fluidity, influenced the fragrance’s conception. For Gen Z, identity and self-expression are paramount.