South Korea set to pass cosmetics animal testing restrictions bill

South Korea set to pass cosmetics animal testing restrictions bill

The National Assembly’s Health and Welfare committee in South Korea has passed a bill that will ban the use of cosmetics and cosmetic ingredients.

According to Cruelty Free International, the committee will apply for the bill from 2018, two years earlier than was outlined in the initial proposal.

The move has been widely welcomed by most, and will cover cosmetics produced in and imported into South Korea. However, it only applies to endpoints where alternative tests have been accepted by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). At present there is no alternative test for skin and eye irritation, repeated dose toxicity, and skin sensitisation.

CFI released a statement which said it was ‘excellent news that South Korea was joining the lengthening list of nations that no longer see animal experiments as worthwhile for cosmetics”. However, others are more sceptical. Humane Society International (HIS) has said there is many loopholes in the bill that allow for other exemptions.

Likewise the charity said all OECD-approved alternatives must be quickly adopted by the MFDS in order for the law to actually be effective in reducing the amount of animal testing.

Other countries to have passed similar bills this year include Brazil, Argentina and Turkey.