Stand Cosmetics Europe appoints Denis Richard-Orliange as VP of sales

Stand Cosmetics Europe appoints Denis Richard-Orliange as VP of sales

Strand Cosmetics Europe has appointed Denis Richard-Orliange as the company’s new Vice President in charge of sales.

Richard-Orliange has worked in sales management, marketing, and export roles at pharmaceutical and cosmetics-packaging companies such as Pige & Pioger, Sofab, Alcan, Risdon, and CMI.

He was previously Chief Operations Officer at Cosmogen for six years. He is a graduate of the CESEM business school in Reims and of Middlesex University in London, and holds an MBA from the IAE Paris Sorbonne.

Following the appointment of Eric Bouvier as Chief Executive Officer a year ago, Strand Cosmetics Europe has developed 300 new make-up products and nearly 200 skin-care products. Richard-Orliange’s role will drive sales of the brand’s newly extended product ranges.

Eric Bouvier, commented, “Denis Richard-Orliange’s solid commercial, international and managerial experience will support our strategy. The formula-and-pack combination is a key issue in our profession – in terms of marketing and business, but also from a regulatory perspective. Denis’ extensive knowledge of the pack market will help us to provide our customers with more suitable and reliable product and service offerings.”

Denis Richard-Orliange