Style Nanda apologises over ‘blacked-up’ hand in 3CE campaign

Style Nanda apologises over ‘blacked-up’ hand in 3CE campaign

L’Oréal’s recently purchased 3CE brand (part of the Style Nanda umbrella) has been forced to issue an apology after it released an advertising image for a nail varnish featuring a hand painted to appear black, according to a report published by Marketing Interactive.

“We are sincerely sorry for the upset caused. We have since removed the picture and will no longer be using it to illustrate our products,” the brand posted on its Instagram account.  

The product, Take a Layer Layering Nail Lacquer in #Soft Orange, which carries the image on its packaging, has also been delisted from the brand’s website.

Beauty vlogger Darcei Amanda called out the brand over the image, prompting several commentators to point out that black people do not have black palms, as the Style Nanda image suggests.

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