Success for Italian beauty trade event held in Dubai

Success for Italian beauty trade event held in Dubai

A two-day beauty trade event organized by the Italian Industry and Commerce Office which took place in Dubai on March 1 and 2 has been heralded a great success.

The Italian Beauty & Wellness event was held at the Millennium Plaza Hotel was part of an effort to develop The Italian Industry and Commerce Office in the UAE (IICUAE) 15-year experience in the UAE market. 

Exhibitors included 24 Italian firms active in the Beauty, Wellness and Spas sectors, that would like to enter in the UAE and GCC markets. Along with potential UAE partners, the Italian Chamber of Commerce also invited industry business people from Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain.

Organizers claim that 19 out of 24 companies in attendance have already developed business ties with the UAE operators and among these 19 firms, nine have already received the first orders from the GCC counterparts.

Attendee Pierangelo Rossetti from Idrobenessere, a company that designs and manufactures spas, commented, “I am so surprised to see the first results. We are undergoing an economic downturn worldwide, but still there is room for a sound and dynamic business.

“Usually during fairs and exhibitions, you do not really have concrete results immediately. Surely much of this success is due to the hardworking of the Italian Chamber of Commerce, who represented us for the past two months throughout the Emirati market. I am really impressed to already have such remarkable orders from the UAE partners I met during the event.”