Superdrug Cuts VAT on Suncare, Boosting Accessibility and Protection

Superdrug Cuts VAT on Suncare, Boosting Accessibility and Protection

THE WHAT? Superdrug has announced a price reduction on its Solait suncare range by absorbing the 20% VAT, leading to a £1 million saving for consumers. This initiative, aimed at reclassifying suncare products as healthcare essentials, reflects the retailer’s response to the rising pressure on the government to remove VAT on all suncare products.

THE DETAILS  Jamie Archer, Superdrug’s Own Brand Director, stated the company’s commitment to making health and wellbeing products more affordable, particularly sunscreen, which is currently classified as a cosmetic product. Superdrug’s efforts are in response to increased demand for suncare products, with some individuals unable to afford them, highlighting the importance of making sun protection more accessible to support customer health and safety.

THE WHY?  The price reduction across the Solait range means that families can now afford high-quality sun protection for both adults and children at significantly lower prices, with examples such as Solait Sun Cream SPF50 now costing £3.59. The Solait range is noted for being vegan, cruelty-free, and offering broad-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays, making Superdrug’s initiative a significant step towards promoting both sun safety and ethical consumer choices.