Sustainable packaging: Aethic first to adopt Novamont’s clear MATER-BI film

Sustainable packaging: Aethic first to adopt Novamont’s clear MATER-BI film

London-based skin care company Aethic has become the first to use a clear filmic packaging material developed by Italian MATER-BI manufacturer Novamont.

The material will debut on Aethic’s next production run of sunscreens and face creams. Based on efficient use of a renewable resource, MATER-BI packaging is an environmentally friendly alternative to more traditional packaging solutions.

The new grade developed for Aethic is created from sustainably sourced, starch-based ingredients, using local materials cultivated on marginal land. The production process boasts low carbon emissions and the end-product is biodegradeable and compostable.

“I vividly remember holding a bio-plastic Mickey Mouse watch made from this material in my hand when consulting for Novamont in 1989,” recalled Allard Marx, Aethic CEO. “I never forgot the company and had recently heard that their material was now used for magazine wraps and disposable carrier bags. I asked them to develop a MATER-BI grade that would hold its fold, heat-seal easily, be sustainable, biodegradeable and look great. They promptly and successfully rose to the challenge. I am absolutely delighted that we can now protect our products responsibly.”

“Consumer brands like Aethic are the future. We have no choice but to take care of the only planet that we have and Aethic leads the way in preventing damage to the environment. It is a pleasure to have developed this version of MATER-BI with them and we hope other cosmetics companies will soon follow their lead and adopt this material,” added Novamont Sales Manager Adds Alessandro Ferlito.