Sustainable Swedish start-up launches Kickstarter to expand to UK

Sustainable Swedish start-up launches Kickstarter to expand to UK

THE WHAT? Swedish sustainable start-up, Nowa Drops has launched a Kickstarter campaign in order to bring its plant-based powders that transform tap water into liquid body care to the UK market.

THE DETAILS Some three years in development, the award-winning innovation eliminates the need for single use plastic. The campaign will run for 45 days, offering backers the chance to pre-order a zero-waste hand and body wash.

THE WHY? Tommie Lögdahl, founder of Nowa Drops, reveals, “I believe sustainable living could be easy if we all work together, which is the idea behind Nowa Drops. We deliver our powder ingredients to customers that mix them with tap water at home, creating their locally-made body care. Being kind to the planet can be as easy as refilling our everyday products.

“The problem with traditional toiletries on the market is that they contain around
80% water, filled in single-use plastic bottles that pollute the environment. We wanted to eliminate water transportation and the need for single-use plastic by creating a water-free powder solution and a refillable bottle designed to last.”