Symrise announces record-breaking growth for 3Q 2015

Symrise announces record-breaking growth for 3Q 2015

Symrise has achieved an all-time high for growth and profitability for the first nine months of 2015, with sales up 29 percent to €1,977 million and EBIDTA soaring 30 percent to €448.5 million. With an EBIDTA margin of 22.6 percent, Symrise is among the most profitable outfits in the industry.

“Our results speak for themselves,” said Dr Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, Symrise CEO. “There are very few companies in our industry that can match the growth and profitability of Symrise. We have benefited from strong demand in both segments and all regions, and have further reinforced our market position. We continue to anticipate our full-year results for 2015 with confidence. Our fourth quarter started out at a strong pace, and I believe that we are very well positioned to make the best use of the remaining weeks.” 

Latin America was among the fastest-growing regions, with sales in local currency up 39 percent. North America and EAME posted growth of 25 percent and 21 percent respectively, while the Asia Pacific region put in a 16 percent leap.

Sales in the scent and care segment grew 10 percent to reach €812.3 million, with the cosmetic ingredients business and aroma molecules making the greatest contribution to growth. The acquisition of Pinova Holdings is expected to further boost the scent and care business once fully integrated in 2016.