Symrise Cosmetics Ingredients launches brand accelerator Brand Activations 

Symrise Cosmetics Ingredients launches brand accelerator Brand Activations 

THE WHAT? Symrise Cosmetics Ingredients has launched a new brand accelerator called Beauty Activations, aimed at driving innovation. 

THE DETAILS Designed to partner with beauty brands in North America, the initiative will allow brands to activate their product innovation. 

According to Symrise, “By partnering with Symrise through the Beauty Activations platform, brands will gain access to in-depth marketing insights, custom formulations, and an award-winning portfolio of ingredients.”

The initiative is based on three pillars: Hero Ingredients, Speed to Market and Marketing and Trend Expertise, and is said to engage customers from the beginning with its speed to market approach and experience in custom concept development, market analysis and technical expertise.

THE WHY? Timothy Kenny, President of Cosmetic Ingredients North America at Symrise explains: “As one of world’s top ten most sustainable companies, we at Symrise propel beauty brands to the next level with our extensive expertise and comprehensive cosmetic ingredients portfolio. By partnering with beauty brands, we aim to support and develop their product lines with clean, conscious, modern, and sustainable solutions.”