Symrise develops clinical testing expertise with Cutech acquisition

Symrise develops clinical testing expertise with Cutech acquisition

Symrise has announced the acquisition of biotech company Cutech, which offers pre-clinical screening services for cosmetics ingredients and end formulations.

The partnership will allow Symrise to broaden its expertise in the testing of cosmetic ingredients as well as speed up the to-market process for novel active ingredients.

Dr. Gerhard Schmaus, Head of Global Innovation, Cosmetic Ingredients Division at Symrise, said, “Cutech constitutes the perfect fit for Symrise’s Cosmetic Ingredients Division. The highly specific R&D and biotechnology capabilities of Cutech optimally complement the research expertise of Symrise.

Cutech pre-clinical screening services are based on proprietary ex vivo skin, sebaceous gland and hair models, with the company also contributes immunopre­cipitation (IP) on natural ingredients such as microalgae.

Eder Ramos, President Cosmetic Ingredient Division, said, “The joint forces will make the development of new proprietary analysis and prediction models for cosmetic ingredients easier and faster. Such models will strengthen the leadership of Symrise Cosmetics Ingredients and will position it one step ahead of the competition.
“For our customers, adding pre-clinical testing to our service portfolio will definitely constitute a plus during their product development. In addition, it will also enable us to further expand our biotech network, thus accessing new, cutting-edge technologies.”

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