Symrise launches Mumbai-based Creative Centre to focus on innovation

Symrise launches Mumbai-based Creative Centre to focus on innovation

Ingredients maker Symrise has unveiled a new Creative Centre located in Mumbai that is said to focus on innovation and customer proximity.

The centre is said to highlight the company’s further investment in India and the Asia Pacific region as a whole, with the Mumbai location hoped to complement the Chennai operations in the Scent & Care segment of the company.

Dr. Heinz-Jürgen Bertram, CEO said, “We have been a part of India’s growth story for more than two decades now and we are delighted to further strengthen this relationship with the inauguration of the creative centre. In 2016, we achieved growth of 15% in developing markets. Over the medium term, we want to secure a share of sales of over 50%. We’re working at full speed on innovation in these markets and on further developing our infrastructure on a continuous basis.”

By investing in Asia Pacific the company is focusing on high growth markets with the new centre being able to cater specifically to regional consumers.

Symrise’s Regional President of Scent & Care for Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East & Turkey, Jun Saplad said, “This investment will allow for even greater collaboration and stronger connectivity with our customers, consumers and our partners. It will also allow us to co-develop amazing fragrances, oral care flavors and cosmetic ingredients.”