Target and Project Underground collaboration bears fruit with three new lines

Target and Project Underground collaboration bears fruit with three new lines

The partnership between Target and brand incubator Project Underground has born fruit with the launch of three new bath and body bands, according to a report published by WWD.

The new lines, Mayfair Soap Foundry, Marlowe and You Are Amazing are being sold exclusively by the retailer in a bid to attract shoppers through the pharmacy’s doors.

“Differentiation is an important part of Target’s strategy, and our growing roster of in-house and exclusive brands allow us to bring guests a mix of high-quality, affordable products they can’t find anywhere else,” Dawn Block, Senior Vice President of Beauty and Essentials at Target, told WWD.

“We started with the total beauty space in mind. There were no rules. We came together with open minds. We brought to the table some of the things we were seeing in the marketplace, and Target has a lot of internal insight. Ultimately, we had a brainstorming session and came up with eight to 10 ideas. Then we continued to iterate and prioritize,” explained Monica Saracino, General Manager of Project Underground in an interview with WWD.

Marlowe is targeted at a male and unisex audience and boasts monochrome packaging and nourishing formulations, including extracts of passionflower fruit, green tea, willow bark and deep sea algae.

You Are Amazing meanwhile, is aimed at young women aged 14 to 24 and prices are pitched accordingly low, around the US$3.99 mark. Bright colours and bold scents were chosen to appeal to this demographic.

Last but certainly not least, Mayfair Soap Foundry is pitched at women aged 25 to 40 and early indications show that this brand is proving the most popular.

All three brands boast charitable links, with a set sum from the sale of each project donated to causes such as Starlight Children’s Foundation, Clean the World and Girl’s Up.