Target issues apology for sale of masks amid shortages

Target issues apology for sale of masks amid shortages

THE WHAT? Target has apologized for the sale of sought-after N95 masks in store while health care workers suffered short supply, according to a report published by Business Insider.

THE DETAILS The company claimed the masks were put on shelves ‘in error’ and have now been donated to Washington State health officials.

Washington Governor Jay Inslee, meanwhile, posted on Twitter that his staff had been forced to ‘step in’ after receiving reports of the masks on sale.

“Today in select Seattle stores, N95 masks were available for purchase in error,” the company tweeted on its social media account. “We’re removing & donating them to the WA State Dept of Health. We’re also reviewing inventory for additional masks to be donated. Target’s commitment to communities is unwavering & we apologize.”

THE WHY? With masks in high demand, sales have been brisk for those retailers that stock them. However, panic buying and stockpiling of both masks and hand sanitizer has led to shortages that are hitting health care workers on the front line the hardest.

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