Tesco to host beauty consultations using Google+ Hangouts

Tesco to host beauty consultations using Google+ Hangouts

In an effort to drive up sales by reaching a younger, digitally-savvy audience, Tesco is offering consumers free online consultations with beauty bloggers.

Tesco’s new ‘Beauty Hub’ allows consumers to book a one-to-one 20 minute consultation with a blogger of their choice to be carried out via Google+ Hangouts. The initiative was developed by Tesco’s digital agency, Zone.

Whether consumers want to master the smoky eye or learn how to braid hair, they can consult the likes of UK bloggers Hayley Carr (London Beauty Queen), Jayne Robinson (Jayne Kitsch) and Jen Thorne (The Beauty Junkie).

To increase product sales, consumers will receive an e-mail from their beauty expert following the consultation containing links to recommended products from Tesco’s beauty and cosmetics range, accompanied by reviews.

“The launch of beauty hangouts as part of our marketing strategy will continue to drive the growth of the beauty category within Tesco,” a spokesman for the brand said.

“The Online Beauty Consultations allow us to offer a personal, expert service outside the store environment.