Tesco to trial drone delivery

Tesco to trial drone delivery

THE WHAT? Tesco is set to trial drone delivery in Ireland, according to a report published by KFGO, quoting Reuters.

THE DETAILS The UK-based supermarket chain has teamed up with Manna, who holds a license for the unusual delivery method.

The trial will focus on small baskets with delivery made promptly, within an hour after ordering.

THE WHY? The British small basket market is forecast to reach a value of £10 billion in the coming years, meaning that if Tesco fine tunes this delivery method, it could corner convenience in the UK. “If our trial with Manna is successful, we really think there is an opportunity to reach many customers through our stores extending with a drones service,” Claire Lorains, Innovation Director at Tesco told reporters and investors via a webcast on disruptive innovation.

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