Tesco Trials Sensitive Skin Section

Tesco Trials Sensitive Skin Section

THE WHAT? Tesco has started a new sensitive skin section trial in some of its stores. This section is intended to make it easier for customers to find products suitable for sensitive skin.

THE DETAILS In the UK, 27 million people suffer from skin sensitivity. In response, in collaboration with the skincare brand Aveeno, Tesco has organised a dedicated area in nearly 100 large stores where customers can find products from brands like Aveeno, E45, Cetaphil, Weleda, and Cetraben. This section groups products by skin type, aiming to search for suitable skincare products that are straightforward and convenient.

THE WHY? According to Sarah Sturgeon, Category Buying Manager for Baby and Beauty at Tesco, this trial aims to help a significant portion of the UK population with sensitive skin find suitable products more efficiently. The initiative was sparked by customer feedback indicating difficulty in finding sensitive skin products in stores, leading to the establishment of this dedicated in-store section.