The Body Shop names Sanya Malhotra Chief Brand Advocate

The Body Shop names Sanya Malhotra Chief Brand Advocate

THE WHAT? The Body Shop India has named Sanya Malhotra Chief Brand Advocate to coincide with the launch of a campaign designed to support children who have lost their families, caregivers and livelihoods to the pandemic, according to a report published by the Indian Retailer.

THE DETAILS In partnership with the Miracle Foundation, the Natura &Co-owned brand’s #LightALittleLife initiative aims to provide on the ground, robust and sustainable support to children affected by COVID-19. The Body Shop will raise funds via its retail stores and a dedicated website, matching customer donations, to raise a minimum of Rs 2 million over the next three months.

As Chief Brand Advocate, Malhotra will also lead the activist beauty brand’s Squad With A Difference to amplify the brand’s pet causes to young audiences across the country.

THE WHY? Shriti Malhotra, CEO of The Body Shop India, commented, “As we head into what we hope will be a joyful festive season, we cannot forget that the pandemic has devastated some of the most vulnerable communities in our country this year. Being an activist brand means using our voice to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves and shining a light on communities in need. Through the Light A Little Life program, we are aiming to make real and lasting change for our children who have lost their caregivers in the pandemic. There can be no better time and cause than this as we welcome Sanya Malhotra to The Body Shop India as our Chief Brand Advocate. Self-made, independent, outspoken, intensely real, and highly relatable, Sanya’s cinematic choices are truly inspiring to young women in our country, and her commitment to empowering women and girls resonates with our feminist brand purpose perfectly. We have always believed in the power of collectivism and that a positive difference can be made when the right people come together. Sanya is a natural choice for us to lead our brand advocacy, amplify our unique activist voice and help us make that difference.”