The Body Shop petitions UN for a global ban on animal testing

The Body Shop petitions UN for a global ban on animal testing

The Body Shop has launched a new campaign to demand a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics products. Partnering with Cruelty Free International, The Body Shop is calling on the United Nations for an international convention to ban cosmetics testing on animals.

The ethical beauty brand is hoping to rack up 8 million signatures for its petition, which can be signed in store on online. Consumers are also being encouraged to raise awareness via social media using the hashtag #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting.

“The Body Shop passionately believes that no animal should be harmed in the name of cosmetics and that animal testing on products and ingredients is outdated, cruel and unnecessary. This is why The Body Shop and Cruelty Free International have partnered to deliver the largest and most ambitious campaign ever to seek a global ban on the use of animals to test cosmetic products and ingredients,” said Jessie Macneil-Brown, Senior Manager International Campaigns and Corporate Responsibility, The Body Shop.

“This campaign will finish what we both started back in the 1980s.  We are calling on at least 8 million people from every corner of the globe who care about animal welfare to join our cause and sign our petition. We will take this petition to the United Nations to call on them to support a global ban on animal testing in cosmetic products and ingredients. With an international convention enforced, consumers would finally be confident that any cosmetics they buy are cruelty free. It’s time to end animal testing for cosmetics purposes once and for all. Join us to make it happen.”