The Marquie Group pinpoints ‘largest demographic’ for CBD products

The Marquie Group pinpoints ‘largest demographic’ for CBD products

THE WHAT? The Marquie Group has announced it has pinpointed the largest demographic for CBD products, women between 35-49 years of age, which it is targeting with its up and coming cannabinoid-based brand Whim. 

THE DETAILS The company has used research from CBD market research firm Brightfield Group to analyse the prime market, to whom it is set to launch a range of products including facial skin care serums, an amino acid infused collagen drink and custom blended CBD tinctures.

THE WHY? The Marquie Group is looking to differentiate itself from competing brands as the CBD market becomes increasingly saturated with companies looking to capitalize on consumer appetite for the products.

Jacquie Carter Angell, President of The Marquie Group, said, “The CBD market has grown exponentially, evolving from the virtually unknown, to a marketplace where consumer perception and expectations are on the rise. A lesser-known fact is that the largest consumer for CBD products is women between 35-49 years of age. We have predicated the majority of the packaging, branding, marketing, and digital identity around this fact in a manner that positions Whim with far less direct niche-level competition than other CBD product brands.”

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