The vagina monologues

The vagina monologues

Vaginas are having a moment. That’s right, you heard me correctly. Vaginas.
Long since Charlotte from Sex and the City brought the V word into the public forum – when hers was diagnosed on the hit show as being ‘depressed’ – vaginas are back in the spotlight, with this body part getting a significant amount of air time for somewhere so private. As predicted by JWT intelligence agency’s 2017 trend report, this year has become the year of ‘vagina-nomics.’ No longer a word discussed in hushed tones on a girl’s night out, vaginas are out and proud, metaphorically speaking of course. The rise and rise of liberated women and feminism is allowing a more free flowing dialogue surrounding the sexual nature, health issues or look of our intimate areas. This conversation is supported by an increasing amount of press regarding vaginal exercises, while talk of toys of the sexual nature is becoming less of a off-limits subject, and vaginal beauty is rising to the fore as a trend within the beauty market.
Lucie Greene, Worldwide Director of the Innovation Group, JWT, said in the report, “Long seen as taboo, the rise of fourth wave feminism is encouraging women to talk about their vaginas and vulvas like never before, whether that’s to do with periods, health, sex and masturbation or wellbeing.”

And wellbeing might be one thing, but it seems the cosmetics world has taken the trend one step further. Step up designer vaginas. If you’re familiar with UK reality programs, you’ll be aware of the 15 seconds of fame for the ‘vajazzle’ (if you’re not familiar with it, you’re not missing out), however, decorating the vagina for aesthetic purposes is now getting classy. Teaming up with another hot fashion craze, vaginas are now being contoured.
That’s right, move over cheek bones, step aside the forehead – Kim Kardashian’s great love of contouring has gone down south. An array of products targeted specifically at beautifying our down below areas are being launched. While some products, such as the VMagic Feminine Lip Sticks has gone down a somewhat predictable route to sell its ‘moisturising’ properties, offering up the tag line “Because your other lips get chapped, too!”,there are others that are keeping it classy. The Shades of V – Very V Luminizier comes dressed up in pretty packaging that could well be the latest premium skin care launch of the moment, however, its discreet logo highlights its real purpose – highlight, soften and illuminate the ‘V’. Apparently, there is enough consumer demand to warrant a product with a sole purpose of beautifying vaginas as you do your face, and with claims such as ‘renewing and improving the skin’, adding a ‘luminous iridescent color to add some extra prettiness’ and ‘brightening and minimizing the appearance of skin imperfections’, who wouldn’t want to give it a go?*

What we know about the beauty world is that consumers love a fad, and if designer vaginas are ‘in’, then it’s safe to say that the buyers will come – what isn’t clear, however, is how far this trend will go. What’s next you say? We’ll keep you updated…

*I’m going to pass if it’s all the same to you.