The Ordinary launches water-free, pure niacinamide powder

The Ordinary launches water-free, pure niacinamide powder

THE WHAT? The Ordinary has launched a pure Niacinamide powder, a water-free formula designed so that consumers can add it to their existing products at home.

THE DETAILS The Lauder-owned brand, which is famous for its low-cost ingredients-focused products advises users to mix the 100% Niacinamide Powder with a water-based treatment (such as serums and creams) and apply to the face.

The recommended ‘dose’ would result in a 10-15 percent concentration when mixed according to the instructions, The Ordinary states on its website.

THE WHY? Not only is this water-free formula better for the environment but use with an existing serum or moisturiser will also help streamline skin care routines for those more inclined towards a minimalist approach or allow users to personalize their usage based on their preference. In comparison to the other treatments offered by the brand containing niacinamide, the powder format offers greater user versatility to address multiple skin concerns at once.