The Personal Care Products Safety Act: ‘Smaller companies will suffer’

The Personal Care Products Safety Act: ‘Smaller companies will suffer’

A report published by The Guardian Online has questioned the burden that would be placed on smaller cosmetics companies by The Personal Care Products Safety Act, should the bill be passed. The bill would give the US Food and Drugs Administration the power to issue product recalls, as well as requiring manufacturers to register each year with the regulatory body, and document ingredient safety.

“The burden on small companies is just extraordinary,” Mary Anne Walsh, Legislative Director of the Handmade Cosmetic Alliance told The Guardian. “This bill will do nothing to stop bad actors: if you’re going to conceal ingredients, a new law isn’t going to change that.”

The Guardian report claims that small-batch producers tend to ‘self regulate’ to a greater degree than larger manufacturers, principally because, without huge advertising and marketing budgets, they rely on word-of-mouth to increase custom. The rise of online marketplaces for small producers, such as Etsy, has also helped keep producers honest. “People who make things on Etsy and get bad reviews don’t last long,” Kristeen Griffen-Grimes, founder of French Girls Organics told the newspaper. “It’s very review driven, and in a way that’s the quality control, the marketplace itself.”