The real Sally Hansen revealed: Coty detective work pays off

The real Sally Hansen revealed: Coty detective work pays off

Coty has unveiled the results of three years of investigations into the real identity of the beauty brand Sally Hansen’s namesake

Hansen’s identity was, until now, a mystery, with Coty and the Sally Hansen brand deciding to uncover who was behind the popular beauty range.

Sally Hansen Vice President, global marketing and Product Development Jeremy M.Lowenstein worked with a team of investigate journalists over the course of three years, narrowing the search down from nearly 50,000 to 14,000, before eventually unearthing a newspaper obituary for a former factory worker than was employed by Sally Hansen Cosmetics.

The clipping resulted in the discovery of Hansen’s two living relatives who helped investigators piece together Hansen’s life through photos, marriage certificates and other documents – highlighting a self-made innovator and entrepreneur who not only built a beauty empire but was a socialite who also worked as a successful beauty columnist offering advice to readers of magazines such as the Los Angeles Times.

Lowenstein said, “Sally was part of a wave of women entrepreneurs who pioneered both fashion and beauty empires for women created by women.
“She really spoke to the needs of all women regardless of age and economic backgrounds, encouraging them to be bold, outspoken, and beautiful.”