TheFaceShop launches in India

TheFaceShop launches in India

K-beauty favorite TheFaceShop has launched onto the Indian market. The K-beauty brand is pursuing a marketing strategy designed to emphasize its natural origins in a bid to appeal to the same consumers who have helped local brand Patanjali achieve its meteoric rise. The brand will initially launch online via an e-commerce site, with an off-line launch planned for next year.

Diane Lee, spokesperson for TheFaceShop revealed that the company has long wanted to gain a foothold in India, and is thrilled to launching there.

In a press release, the company revealed that the Indian market holds key strategic importance for the brand thanks to the huge potential it represents. However, K-beauty is yet to receive the same level of penetration and awareness it boasts in other global markets. TheFaceShop plans to raise awareness with various on and off-line activities, including beauty classes.