This is how L’Oréal chooses influencers

This is how L’Oréal chooses influencers

L’Oréal’s Active Cosmetics division has opened up about its influencer vetting process to marketing publication The Drum. The unit actively seeks ‘micro-influencers’ (those with around 10,000 followers) on Instagram to reach a niche audience that is interested in skin care and uses a three-step assessment process to select the correct fit and ensure optimum levels of engagement.

First, the L’Oréal division searches the social media platform for brand mentions and mentions of common skin conditions such as acne or eczema. Once it has narrowed the field, it then uses tools to identify potentially fraudulent accounts, such as those with suspicious spikes in followers.

The first flush will usually weed out some 80 percent of accounts, Cedric Dordain, Chief Digital Officer for the active cosmetics unit, told The Drum. The remainder are assessed by the team using a set of metrics compiled by the French beauty giant, which include who the influencer has worked with, the content posted and how #ads and #sponsored posts have been styled.

“We don’t want someone that speaks about any brand and any topic,” said Dordain.

Finally, those who make the cut will be vetted by a third-party company before any ad budget is allocated. Red flags would include posts involving nudity and the checks cover all social media platforms, not just Instagram.