‘This is the future of personal care’: Mother Dirt to become Harvey Nichols’ first microbiome brand

‘This is the future of personal care’: Mother Dirt to become Harvey Nichols’ first microbiome brand

Mother Dirt has announced its launch into Harvey Nichols stores in the UK and Ireland in August. The Boston-based microbiome company will be the first probiotic skin care line to be stocked by the luxury department store.

The launch will coincide with a pop-up in the Knightsbridge store, which will run until October and showcase the brand’s hero product, AO+ Mist, in a refrigerator. The brand is hoping to shift the definition of clean from sterile to healthy.

“We’ve seen some really exciting growth in the gut health market in recent years and consumers are witnessing the positive benefits of good bacteria through the use of probiotics. Mother Dirt is a brand born out of research and as a reaction to the rise of skin concerns that have increased with our modern hygiene standards,” said Jasmina Aganovic, president of Mother Dirt. “We enable consumers to take control of their relationship with their skin by restoring good bacteria and maintaining a balanced microbiome.

“Research in the next five years will shine a spotlight on the benefits of treating specialised skin concerns with bacteria, and retailers will no longer be able to shy away from offering these solutions for consumers. This is the future of beauty and personal care. We firmly believe, in 10 years’ time, every beauty counter will have a dedicated area for all of your skin’s microbiome needs, likely shifting the retail format to include everything from refrigerators to on-counter skin screening. As challenging as it’s been to be the first, and to require a different format like refrigeration, we’re excited to pave the way, and couldn’t be more pleased to be partnering with a forward-thinking retailer like Harvey Nichols to bring this new wave of innovation to the UK & Ireland.”