Thomas Myers Appointed PCPC President

Thomas Myers Appointed PCPC President

THE WHAT?  The Personal Care Products Council (PCPC) has appointed Thomas F. Myers as its new president and CEO, effective from January 2024. Myers is currently serving as the Executive Vice President for Legal & Regulatory Affairs and General Counsel at PCPC.

THE DETAILS  Myers, who joined PCPC in 2010, has been responsible for handling legal and regulatory issues within the industry and has been integral to the council’s operations. His previous experience includes working with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and in private legal practice. He will be replacing Lezlee Westine, who has been the president and CEO since 2009. During her tenure, Westine led initiatives such as supporting the Modernization of Cosmetics Reform Act of 2022, which aimed to update the regulation of cosmetics and personal care products.

THE WHY? Myers’ appointment is based on his extensive experience in legal and regulatory matters within the personal care industry and his familiarity with PCPC’s operations. He is expected to continue the council’s work in advocating for the industry, focusing on issues of regulation and consumer safety. Myers acknowledges the progress made under Westine’s leadership and expresses his intention to maintain the council’s influence and effectiveness in the industry.