TikTok set to launch live shopping in the U.S. 

TikTok set to launch live shopping in the U.S. 

THE WHAT? TikTok is set to launch live shopping in the U.S. and is looking to outsource operations to a partner, according to Financial Times. 

THE DETAILS The FT has reported that TikTok has been liaising with California-based TalkShopLive to provide infrastructure for live shopping, which will allow creators and brands to sell goods via videos. 

The news follows the trial of live shopping in the UK since last year, following on from its test launch in Asia.

TikTok began offering e-commerce features in partnership with Shopify, as well as testing a dedicated Shop to highlight products sold by merchants on the app. 

There were said to be no specifics on the kind of partnerships the company is looking for.

THE WHY? In a statement to TechCrunch, TikTok said, “When it comes to market expansion for TikTok Shop we are always guided by demand and are constantly exploring new and different options for how we can best serve our Community, Creators and Merchants in markets around the world. These efforts include exploring partnerships that further support a seamless e-commerce experience for merchants, which is an important part of our ecosystem.”