PODCAST – To 2019 and beyond: five trends that won’t go away business


in-conversation with … a business podcast from Global Cosmetics News is a panel discussion about interesting things with interesting people all whom just happen to have a connection with the cosmetics industry.

Hosted by Georgina Caldwell, Global Cosmetics News Editor who was joined in this episode by:

Elen Macaskill Global Customer Director at The Body Shop 

Amarjit Sahota, Founder and President at Ecovia Intelligence

Nick Vaus, Partner and Creative Director at Free the Birds

Dr Richard Blackburn, Co-Founder at Keracol Limited

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  1. Excellent discussion. I especially welcomed the sensible conversation about sustainably sourced palm oil. Moving to ‘palm free’ and onto a crop with less yield per hectare would be driving the wrong behaviour and quickening the deforestation people are trying to halt.


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