Toothpaste becomes new fashion item

Toothpaste becomes new fashion item

Thanks to fashion-savvy packaging Little Dome toothpaste is making waves in the cosmetics world.

The toothpaste uses plant essential oils and comes wrapped in a colourful can. The paste was designed by Egg Endless Biotech Ltd which is based in China, and has achieved great success since its launch, gaining RMB 20 million in investment before arriving on the market.

With the production led by Yang Lei, an entrepreneur in the ‘90s, the fashion-led paste has been designed to move past the basic function of brushing your teeth and is said to be a way for consumers to express their personalities. It has been made with essential oils, some of which have never before been used in toothpaste. They are said to be good for dental care while also helpful in enhancing oral antioxidants and anti-ageing ability. It is also said to give long lasting fresh breath.

In what is also said to be a first, the toothpaste also uses a botanical pheromone and moves away from traditional packaging, opting instead for a colourful spherical pump.