Trending now: Chanel logo nails

Trending now: Chanel logo nails

THE WHAT? Chanel has started a new craze for nails emblazoned with its famous logo after models walking in the Metiers d’Art 2019/20 show sported manicures featuring the famous ‘double C’, according to a report published by Vogue.  

THE DETAILS The look was created by nail artist Jenny Longworth and featured the luxury monogram set on pearly white polish.

“The double C nails added a witty Chanel nod to their classic codes, and paid homage to the attention to detail by the Metiers d’Art,” Longworth told Vogue. “We created a Chanel monogrammed nail, a nude nail with a singular clear crystal at the base, and a classic rouge nail with a singular gold crystal at the base. In total 70 sets of nails were made and tailored to each girl’s individual nails.”

THE WHY? The Chanel label has been a trendsetter since its inception and the 2019/20 season is no exception.