TRESemme x SimpleeBEAUTIFUL launch textured hair certification program

TRESemme x SimpleeBEAUTIFUL launch textured hair certification program

THE WHAT? Unilever-owned TRESemme has teamed up with textured hair expert and educator Diane Da Costa of SimpleeBEAUTIFUL CurlyTextured Academy to launch a Texture Certification Program to train and certify licensed hair professionals in treating, cutting, and styling textured hair.

THE DETAILS The course will provide a grounding in the fundamentals of textured hair as well as hands-on training on specific cutting techniques and tools.

Moving forward, TRESemmé will require all stylists who work with TRESemmé at future events, such as New York Fashion Week and Project Runway, to complete the Texture Certification Program so TRESemmé can continue leading by example in closing this training gap and increasing representation of diverse talent across the industry.

“As a leader in hair care, we have a responsibility to use our influence and platform to make a difference and bring awareness to the lack of certified textured hair care training in the industry,” said Jessica Grigoriou, Brand Director, TRESemmé. “Every woman, regardless of hair type, deserves to have access and feel confident that they will receive quality hair care at every appointment so they can express themselves authentically, and we want to do our part to increase inclusivity in the beauty industry.”

THE WHY? The program is designed to counteract the lack of textured hair training offered in cosmetology schools, resulting in fewer stylists with the professional skills to serve diverse hair types. Diane Da Costa, CEO of SimpleeBEAUTIFUL, commented, “Partnering with TRESemmé not only brings awareness to this industry-wide issue of hair discrimination but will introduce this much-needed skillset to more stylists nationwide.”