Tunisian journalist website Mille World raises profile of Arab fashion

Tunisian journalist website Mille World raises profile of Arab fashion

Online platform MILLE World is said to be raising awareness of Arab nation fashion designers since its launch earlier this year, thanks to its focus on beauty, fashion and lifestyle commentary.

The brainchild of Tunisian journalist Sofia Guellaty, who has previously worked for Style.com, the site is a said to be a platform to celebrate Arab youth culture with Guellaty looking to target Gen Z Arabs and represent them in a new light.

Speaking to Influente Woman, Guellaty said, “By uniting unabashed opinions from some of the region’s most influential voices, MILLE puts a much-needed spotlight on youth culture in the region. Through the prisms of art, travel, beauty, lifestyle, and fashion, MILLE aims to breakdown the tired clichés and seamlessly combine local talent with a global perspective.”

Since the launch the site has featured a range of subjects that focus on how consumers can be self-expressive in nations with social and religious constraints, and is putting the spotlight on an underrepresented group focusing on Arab culture.

Speaking to Vogue, Guellaty says, “We really wanted to create the best content we could ever create for an Arab audience but also from Arabs.
“Who better than me or my female colleagues to explain to you what being a woman in fashion, an Arab woman in fashion, means today? It’s a somewhat controversial identity for someone looking in, but being Arab has never truly been explored on a large scale within the digital space.”

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