Turkey tightens up ‘free from’ cosmetic labelling guidelines

Turkey tightens up ‘free from’ cosmetic labelling guidelines

Turkey has announced revised guidelines for cosmetic products promoting ‘free from’ claims on labels, according to a report by Chemical Watch.

Published by the Medicines and Medical Devices Agency, the new rule expands on previous legislation that stated manufacturers must not include any compounds within the formulation that the labelling suggested the product was ‘free from.’

However, the recent fifth upgrade to the regulation now requires manufacturers to back up any ‘free from’ ingredient claims, such as parabens or colours, with laboratory tests. Likewise, ‘free from claims’ can no longer be used on labelling unless the manufacturers submit a document to the ministry, obtained from a credited laboratory, that ‘proves’ the claims.

Other stipulations include the ban of the ‘free from’ claims in order to promote the benefits and advantages of a product, while terms such as ‘hypoallergenic’ are ‘inappropriate’ for use, as manufacturers cannot guarantee the product may not cause an allergic reaction.

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