UFC Names Official Fragrance Partner

UFC Names Official Fragrance Partner

THE WHAT?  FC, the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization, has announced its partnership with Revlon’s fragrance brand, Curve for Men, as the Official Fragrance Partner of UFC. This marks the first time UFC has introduced a marketing partner in the fragrance category, paving the way for new promotional avenues.

THE DETAILS Robby Miller, Vice President of UFC Global Partnerships, expressed enthusiasm about establishing Curve for Men as UFC’s first fragrance partner, noting the thoughtful consideration that goes into opening a new marketing category. He highlighted the alignment between Revlon’s reputable brand and UFC’s target audience, anticipating innovative promotional efforts over the next year.

THE WHY?  Frederic Arbel, General Manager of North America for Revlon, celebrated the partnership as a historic milestone for the fragrance industry, aiming to engage both new and existing consumers through unique marketing strategies. Curve for Men is described as an intricate and versatile scent, perfectly suited as a signature fragrance for the bold and dynamic UFC fan base.