UK-based laboratory finds illegal substances in the ‘majority’ of CBD products

UK-based laboratory finds illegal substances in the ‘majority’ of CBD products

THE WHAT? UK-based Kent Scientific Services (KSS), a laboratory run by Kent County Council, has been carrying out testing on behalf of several local authorities, and has found that of 60 CBD products, including cosmetics, the majority contained illegal substances, according to the 

THE DETAILS The lab found that 44 out of 61 samples had one or more of the psychoactive elements of cannabis, with other samples containing “significantly less” CBD than stated on the pack. 

A further two products didn’t state they contained CBD, but the ingredient was found upon investigation. 

A product was tested following a member of the public failing a work drug test after consuming a product, after claiming he had never used drugs. With the product found to contain the drug for which he failed the test.

THE WHY? KSS head Mark Rolfe said: “The issue with this is that people don’t know what they are consuming.”

Meanwhile Linden Jack, Deputy Director of the FSA, said: “This survey highlights the importance of the work we are doing to bring this growing industry into compliance.

“We have asked to see the complete set of sampling results so we can work with local authorities to ensure that those CBD products that should not be on sale are removed from shelves.”