UK retailer Boots reveals significant gender pay gap

UK retailer Boots reveals significant gender pay gap

UK beauty retailer Boots has revealed it pays male staff 21 percent more than female employees, as of April 2017, according to a company report. 

However, the company’s median gender pay gap, which looks at pay with all hourly rates aligned, going from biggest to smallest, is 5 percent, better than the UK average of 18.4 percent, according to Boots.

Speaking in the report, the company said, “We believe the main reason for our gender pay gap is the structure of our workforce, with more females than males in our lower paid roles across the organisation.”

The Boots work force is currently 78 percent female across 57,000 workers, with the company putting the gender pay imbalance down to a ‘higher male representation in more senior roles’, which was put down to, ‘variations in the proportion of males and females in different functional areas.’

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