Ukraine to ban animal testing?

Ukraine to ban animal testing?

The Ukrainian Ministry of Health is hoping to bring Ukraine’s stance on animal testing for cosmetics in line with the European Union’s legislation, according to a report published by Ukrainian News.

“The requirements for cosmetics in the Ukrainian market will be the same as in the European one. Compared to the current standards, the list of prohibited ingredients will be three times bigger. The testing of cosmetics on animals is also banned. New standards are a guarantee of quality and safety. The thesis ‘quality, because from Europe’, loses relevance, since the requirements for cosmetics we have will be the same as in the countries of the European Union,” the Ministry said in a statement issued to the Ukrainian News Agency.

Currently some 400 substances are banned for use in cosmetics, the new legislation will up this number to 1,383. The new legislation will allow for an 18-month transition period; and it is hoped that any financial burden will be offset by the ease with which manufacturers will be able to market their products across Europe going forward.

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