Ulta boycotted by ‘TERFs’ over podcast featuring trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

Ulta boycotted by ‘TERFs’ over podcast featuring trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney

THE WHAT? Trans-exclusionary radical feminists (TERFs) are said to be boycotting Ulta Beauty over it’s The Beauty Of… podcast featuring trans influencer Dylan Mulvaney, which spotlighted her journey of coming out.

THE DETAILS Speaking to gender-fluid hairstylist David Lopez, Mulvaney stated, “I know I can find love; I know I can still be a performer; I know that I can have a family. I want to be a mom one day — and I absolutely can.”

However, Twitter users took to the social media site to voice their concern over the podcast, calling for a boycott of the beauty company. 

According to The Cut, Twitter users accused Mulvaney and Ulta of “trolling women,” showcasing “male privilege,” treating womanhood as a “costume,” and putting on a “clown parade of misogyny, appropriation and mockery of women.”

THE WHY? Ulta Beauty responded to the backlash in a YouTube post, stating, “The premise of ‘The Beauty Of …’ is to feature conversations that widen the lens surrounding traditional beauty standards. We believe beauty is for everyone. 

“And while we recognize some conversations we host will challenge perspectives and opinions, we believe constructive dialogue is one important way to move beauty forward. The intersectionality of gender identity is nuanced, something David and Dylan acknowledge themselves within the episode. Regardless of how someone identifies, they deserve our respect.”