Ulta commits to sexual wellness category with launch of indie brand Fur

Ulta commits to sexual wellness category with launch of indie brand Fur

Ulta has expanded its sexual wellness offering having launched indie brand Fur online, with an in-store rollout planned for May this year.

A body hair company, Fur focuses on products designed for the private regions, such as a line of pubic-hair oils, stubble cream and ingrown-hair concentrates, and is said to be a unique offering within its category in Ulta as it focus on pubic-hair care, rather than removal.

Paul Desiderioscioli, VP of Merchandising, Ulta Beauty, said, “We’ve seen increased interest in the wellness and self-care categories, and know many of our guests appreciate quality products that promote beauty holistically.
“Early on, we identified the opportunity within our assortment to add a body-care brand that would fulfill a white space, and we knew Fur was the perfect fit.”

Retailing Fur’s four-item range, in addition to two collaborative products, the Fur Wash Cloth and Fur Ingrown Eliminator Wipes, Ulta is placing itself front and centre of the growing sexual wellness market.

Speaking to Glossy, Fur Co-Founder Laura Schubert said, “When we launched in 2016, a lot of retailers asked us, ‘Where is this going to sit in my store?’ which was a big hurdle. But now, as wellness sections are getting more attention and space in stores, retailers see the opportunity for a product like ours and see us as a category builder.”

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