Unilever achieves full renewable energy across five continents

Unilever achieves full renewable energy across five continents

Unilever has achieved full renewable energy across five continents, with its factories, offices, R&D facilities, data centres, warehouses and distribution centres now powered by 100 per cent renewable grid energy.

The personal care giant has achieved the transition in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and North America ahead of its 2020 goal. It has done so mostly due to supporting the development of local renewable energy markets, with 38 percent of its grid electricity supplied through corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and green electricity tariffs.

In circumstances where this is not possible Unilever has purchased Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs), ‘openly-traded certificates linked to renewable electricity generation.’

Marc Engel, Chief Supply Chain Officer at Unilever, said, “The climate emergency is one of the most urgent challenges we’re all facing. Our team have worked hard to secure renewable energy contracts for our sites across five continents, accelerating the delivery of our 100 percent renewable energy targets.
“Of course, there is more work to do, but we hope that today’s announcement will inspire further action elsewhere and help to prove that it is possible to combat the climate crisis and hold global warming at 1.5 Degrees Celsius. Renewable is doable.”

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