Unilever Africa draws on gaming in digital graduate recruitment drive

Unilever Africa draws on gaming in digital graduate recruitment drive

Unilever Africa has looked to the gaming world in its latest digital recruitment drive to attract graduate candidates.

In a bid to select the best applicants for the roles, Unilever has launched a new digital programme which combines gaming with video interviews, where candidates will follow four main steps. These include an online application form, before playing a series of games for no longer than 20 minutes.

Applicants will then take part in a video interview in their own time, before meeting in the ‘Discovery Centre’ where they meet virtually, before being involved in a ‘day in the life of Unilever’ face-to-face event.

Speaking last week, Mechell Chetty, VP Human Resources Africa said, “The programme has been introduced in Africa this week, following a successful launch in Europe, other parts of Asia and North America.
“This digital platform will be rolled out in other Unilever companies across the rest of the world during the remainder of the year. The way in which applicants play these games will allow Unilever to get an insight into the candidate’s potential and how well they connect with the company’s goals and purpose.”

Discussing the digital move, Chetty continued, “By enabling applications through mobile devices, the new process will be able to ensure that we reach students more widely across Africa, as mobile devices serve as the primary way to access the internet for many across the continent. In addition, we aim to create a process that removes any personal bias and gives each applicant the most impartial chance.”

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