Unilever and Walgreens join forces to launch clean water initiative for developing communities

Unilever and Walgreens join forces to launch clean water initiative for developing communities

Unilever and Walgreens have announced the Give H2OPE to Others (#GiveH2OPE) campaign which sees proceeds from purchases of select Unilever products sold in Walgreens help provide up to 15 million gallons of water to developing communities.

Working alongside social enterprise Me to We, the companies are aiming to make a positive impact on the world through consumer products. Sales of Unilever TREsemmé, Sauve or Caress products will work towards the scheme – taking place from 26th July, 2015 to 30th September, 2015 – and the donation from just one purchase of any of these products will supply five gallons of clean water to families and communities in rural Kenya.

Walgreens President Alex Gourlay says, “Walgreens is dedicated to championing everyone’s right to be happy and healthy, and by offering programs that reflect this mission /we aim to make it easy for customers to take part and help make a difference. We look forward to supporting our customers as they participate in this meaningful cause to make a true impact.”

The programme aims to engage consumers through brands they use regularly, while creating a sustainable international development model to help benefit families in rural areas. Indeed, the donations from the products will help reduce outbreaks of waterbourne diseases and illnesses, and will reduce time spent collecting water. This will therefore allow students more time to study and increase time spent working and generating an income.
Those that have contributed to the scheme can track their donation on the Walgreens website at www.walgreens.com/trackyourimpact. Here, consumers can enter the unique UPC code for each product purchased and see the effects their donation has made.

Craig Kielburger, Co-Founder, Me to We says, ““Clean water isn’t a luxury; it’s a basic human right. The Give H2OPE to Others campaign will provide five gallons of clean water that can be used for drinking, basic household activities and drip irrigation for household gardens. This partnership will ultimately make a tremendous impact in the lives of so many families overseas, helping to break the cycle of poverty for many.”
Both companies have a good environmental footprint, with Unilever’s Unilever Sustainable Living Plan, launched in 2010, created to help double the size of its business while reducing the company’s environmental footprint and increasing its positive social impact.


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