Unilever Approves Conscripting Russian Employees

Unilever Approves Conscripting Russian Employees

THE WHAT?   Unilever has announced its compliance with any future conscription of its Russian employees for deployment to Ukraine. This decision is influenced by the legal obligation of any company operating in Russia to permit such action.

THE DETAILS?  The multinational corporation, employing approximately 3,000 people in Russia, is committed to adhering to the nation’s conscription laws despite potential risks to its employees’ well-being. Unilever officials have refused to comment on whether any of its workers have already been drafted but clarified that conscripted employees would no longer receive payment from the company.

THE WHY? Unilever’s stance has drawn criticism as it continues operating in Russia amidst Ukraine’s conflict. The company argues that withdrawal is not a simple task, as leaving could lead to the appropriation of their operations by the Russian government. Balancing a condemnation of the conflict and commitment to employee safety with its legal obligations, Unilever finds itself in a challenging position.