Unilever creates central solution to big data challenge

Unilever creates central solution to big data challenge

Unilever has created a centralized data system, known as Insight Knowledge Management, and search engine to help combat the challenge of collecting and centralizing data in a global market, according to a report published by Marketing.

The Anglo-Dutch FMCG giant produced the new tools in response to the changing global FMCG market, as e-commerce and social selling takes hold and companies are required to become less brand-centric and more consumer-centric.

“We did tons of market research and interacted with consumers on a daily basis and every brand manager had access to a lot of information but it was not centralized,” explained Anser Aly, Unilever’s Senior Regional Brand Development Manager, at Marketing’s annual Analytics conference.

The new device has enable Unilever’s brands to push the boundaries with marketing initiatives, exploring external partnerships with wearable companies, analytic firms and tech specialists for deodorant brand Sure.

“What can make big data truly actionable is the discovery and communication of meaningful insights resulting from the systematic analysis of data,” Aly told Marketing’s audience.