Unilever develops Tinder-style decision making app Idea Swipe

Unilever develops Tinder-style decision making app Idea Swipe

Unilever has unveiled its new Tinder-style decision-making app, named Idea Swipe, according to a report by Marketing Week.

The app has been designed in order to maximise creativity and ‘create double the impact in half the time and cost’. Using a system much like the popular dating site, the app was developed in-house with users able to swipe left or right to speed up marketing processes.

Using behavioural economics to generate open-ended questions, the app provides near instant feedback.

Stan Stanunathan, Unilever’s Executive Vice-President of Consumer Marketing and Insights, spoke at the IRI Conference and stated, “How do you evaluate a mountain of ideas with a molehill of a budget? If you want to do concept testing you end up spending an arm and a leg and at the end of it you are no wiser. We need to figure out a quick way to get these ideas evaluated

“Usually you can get a response in less than 24 hours or 48 hours and this costs less than a fraction of the money [compared to traditional feedback] and is incredibly insightful.”

The company is said to be looking to minimize ‘grunt work’ by bringing thinking back in house, with Stanunathan encouraging marketers to embrace AI and technology.

He said, “Embracing technology is not a negotiable conversation you either embrace it or you become a dinosaur.”

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